advocacy-foto-1Pediatricians best understand the importance the role of advocacy plays in the lives and well-being of our patients.  At the New Orleans Children’s Health Project, we take this role and responsibility very seriously.  We have a unique ability to identify the needs of our community by working firsthand with the most vulnerable families.  This privilege to understand the injustices that our families face daily in our community is what drives us to continue our work and fight on behalf of the children who most need a voice. 

We advocate for our patients and their families through daily interactions with patients- making extra calls to link a child in need to services, empowering parents to learn about resources in the community and explaining to families the rights they have to fight on behalf of their own children.  We advocate at the community level by attending community forums and strengthening community partnerships with local organizations.  We fight on behalf of our patients when they need sub-specialty medical services despite their uninsured status.  We take their stories to the state and national level and work hard to bring dignity and understanding to our patient’s needs.  Our team also participates in the Children Health Fund’s yearly spring advocacy conference in Washington DC during which members of our team have the opportunity to bring these needs of the children to our representatives in Congress.